Episode 34

Welcome back, friends! This month we’re delving into Maranda’s new plant obsession (tips welcome!) and Aislinn’s total inability to relax when her to-do list is to-done.


Aislinn is enjoying this celery simple syrup (but you do have to heat the syrup for the sugar to go into solution) for pretty much every beverage.

Maranda was enjoying the Little Sister Witbier from Door County Brewing, and Lemon Breaker Shandy from Hop & Barrel Brewing, both from the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

Aislinn is looking forward to knitting up Quince and Co. Sparrow in the marled colors Mineral and Rosa Mundi, and Done Roving Frolicking Feet in Highland Haze.

Salvage previously-unsalvagable leftovers with a Cuisinart toaster oven air fryer combo. For small homes or energy-conscious kitchens, it can sometimes replace a standard oven. Aislinn highly recommends it.

Maranda’s gold star this month went to generosity and kismet. Thanks to Marieke Gouda Farmstead Cheese of Thorp, WI, for being so kind and sharing with us! Although sometimes this world feels full of hot garbage and cruelty, there are gems out there and they are one of them.

5 years ago

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  1. All those “discovery trips” we took when you were younger didn’t go amiss after all! Glad you are both still using the principle of eureka discovery to enrich your lives.

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