Episode 3

In which our intrepid explorers discuss coffee, re-crafting, and Midwestern charm.

We’d like to thank everyone for all of their helpful comments on our previous podcasts. This episode was recorded before we posted episodes 1 and 2, so we haven’t incorporated your thoughts here, but stay tuned for new and improved shownotes and podcast features in episode 4!

Music: Craft Talk, Leslie and the Lys.

7 years ago


  1. Duncan Donuts coffee is Karen Spinney’s family favorite. It must be genetic that our family likes it. We even visit the store to imbibe rather than brew our own.

  2. Gold star is so appropriate for Iowa City! I also like that you gold starred your friend Jillian. Good for her! I love the way you aware gold stars – its a great way to recognize exceptional ideas, people and locations.

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