Episode 5

It’s the countdown to Christmas (or hopefully a nice break from work if you don’t celebrate Christmas)! Thanks so much for joining us on our holiday ramble. Here are links to stuff mentioned in the episode:

Yoga shawl by Andrea Mowry

Good tutorial for blocking knitted items into shape.

If you want to learn more about trend forecasting (like Maranda was talking about for designing for future seasons), WSGN is one of the foremost trend forecasting services.

Gift ideas, from least to most spendy:

For any crafter: Sugar scrub recipe

For any crafter: Homemade salves and lotions

For any fiber art crafter: Cute snips!

For counting complicated patterns: Sirka counter

For sewers and quilters: Fancy shears

For sewers and quilters: Heavy-duty rotary cutter for quilters

For knitters: Lykke driftwood needles can be found at many local yarn shops, and online in small shops like this one. They are available as regular and mini size.

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