Episode 9

Join us as we opine on the value of Valentine’s Day…it’s for friends not lovers! We discuss our favorite treats for ourselves and our loved ones.


Beautiful delicious chocolates from Bon Bon Bon

Mocktails that taste like real cocktails from Curious Elixirs

Winehaven Mead from Minnesota

Maranda is using organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas for crocheted hearts!

Aislinn is planning to join the Michele Wang knitalong (Wang-Along!) with Inside Number 23. She’s hoping to make Edie with deep stash Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in Golden Glow held double.

Lovely wool wash in bar form from Woolin and Co.

John Dingell’s twitter feed. You’re welcome.

6 years ago


  1. Such a great podcast! Thanks for the shout out! Miranda- what sorts of scents does your boyfriend gravitate towards? I’d love to send you some samples for him to try!
    Thanks ladies!

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