Episode 12

Snowpocalypse prep! Get your sourdough started, bust out your best snowpants and boots, and tune in while we dream of field trips for warmer times. Want a tarot reading from Maranda? Post a comment on this blog post and she’ll contact you!



New Glarus Brewing


Start that sourdough!

Republic MPLS Craft Beer Bar

Her Spirit Vodka donates money to woman-owned businesses

Inside Number 23 is hosting a Michele Wang knit-a-long, the Wangalong

Amy Herzog’s tutorial for shoulder seaming and her CustomFit software program

Anthro-tastic Headband made with Jade Sapphire Reluxe Lite from Yarnbox

Barrett Wool Company Wisconsin Woolen Spun, yarn made in Wisconsin from Midwestern Fleeces

Primer on woolen vs worsted spun yarn

Stockholm Pottery and Mercantile

6 years ago


  1. Hey Ladies, Just tried playing your podcast through my iTunes and here and it appears that two podcasts are playing at once. Or perhaps it’s just me. Anyway love your podcast!

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