Episode 19

Session 2 of Summer School with Stitchcraft! Our guest is Auralís Herrero Lugo, the designer behind Auralístudio. She is an amazing force of nature, and her projects encompass sustainable fashion, industrial development, and education. We are thrilled to share her conversation with you.


Hacienda San Pedro – https://cafehsp.com
Cafe el Gran Batey – From Auralís’s mom’s town.- http://granbateycoffee.com
Centro Sor Isolina Ferre:http://www.csifpr.org
Conprometidos: https://www.conprmetidos.org (it shows quite a few people post maria with thriving businesses)
Auralís is the product development manager for Blue Water Defense.
She is the cofounder of Retazo, which does education and training, product development and management, and sales representation to help Puerto Rican designers and producers create sustainable high-end fashion.
She is considering training for this 1/2 marathon!- http://maratonsanblas.com/index_english.html
6 years ago

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