Episode 27

There is an important conversation happening online right now in the craft community about privilege, race, diversity, and inclusivity. As crafters we may mean well but we fail ourselves and each other when we elect not to talk about difficult issues just because it feels awkward or we don’t know exactly the perfect thing to say. We have to try. We have to do better. In our episode today, we try to do that, and we encourage you to share your thoughts. We welcome feedback whether negative or positive. Please feel free to share links or social media handles for people you think we should see.


The following folks on Instagram: @astitchtowear @ocean_bythesea @su.krita @tina.say.knits @thecolormustard @drunkknitter

The downloadable resource by Layla F. Saad, Me and White Supremacy

We stand corrected: the more complete or accurate name for the popular style of Japanese bag that we’ve been calling “bento bags” is azuma bukuro.

Aislinn was enjoying Good Earth Tea

Feminist Icon Cross Stitch by Anna Fleiss and Lauren Mancuso

Aislinn made the Quick Bulky Mittens by Amy Pelletier for Maranda for Christmas out of Malabrigo Rasta in the Zarzamora colorway.

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