Episode 28

We’re back! And with another imperfect recording method. It’s a process.


Bløm Meadworks – Aislinn was enjoying their Gin Botanical in a collectible glass made by Cary Liebowitz (aka Candy Ass) for a great HIV/AIDS organization, ACRIA.

Yeti tumblers may be pricy, but dang do they keep a cold drink cold.

Maranda hosted a mending party at her house. Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time with friends, get help with projects, and feel productive while relaxing and having fun!

Maranda’s Valentine gifts this year are conversation heart pins made from salt dough. Super cute!

Introflirted: Valentine’s Day sentiments for introverts.

Really loving the pins (and other stuffs) from GRL TRBL.

Aislinn will be enjoying a lecture from Cecilia Vicuña on Valentine’s Day.

Aislinn is trying to reduce her plastic consumption by using biodegradable (non-vegan) Dental Lace, recommended by the blog My Plastic-Free Life. Although we thought that a Water Pik might also work for flossing without plastic, a closer look at dental recommendations are that it isn’t a floss replacement.

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