Episode 30

We’re real grown-ups now! We hope you enjoy our ramblings about Spring weather, being idiot Americans around the world, and our favorite circular fashion options.


As a podcast, we’ve moved through our Saturn return.

Aislinn is drinking Backpocket Brewing Grown Up Juice, part of the their running collab with Raygun. If you have never heard of Raygun, you really must check them out.

Maranda is enjoying a classic New Glarus Spotted Cow. Other summer faves are Bell’s Oberon (served year-round outside of Michigan which is blasphemy) and Arcadia Whitsun Ale.

We’re always asking the big questions: what is the difference between a shandy and a radler?

Aislinn is still making Baby’s First Principles with Plucky Knitter Cozy. Other fun baby/child knitting patterns mentioned in the episode are: Joji Locatelli’s Felipe and Isager’s Clara dress, and any patterns from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson. If you prefer sewing, here’s a basic pattern for the half square triangle quilt Maranda mentioned. If you ever played with tangrams as a kid, you know the modular possibilities of this pattern are essentially endless.

Circular fashion is the idea of designing and generating fashion items that have minimal impact on the environment during their production and use, and then return to the Earth when they are no longer usable or repairable. Eileen Fisher Renew is working on this, as is H&M, and our Stitchcraft Summer School 2018 interviewee, Auralís Herrero Lugo with Retazo.

Maranda is excited about the newest iteration of the Welcome Blanket, the Welcome Blanket On Call. It’s a collaboration with International Rescue Committee Phoenix to give blankets to immigrants who just were released from detention at the southern US border. We can’t think of a more crafterly way to support a community of people who have been through so much.

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  1. Love your gold star items. I’m so impressed with your generosity for recent immigrant arrivals. Yup, I’m a proud mama!

  2. I just had to check out Eileen Fisher RENEW – amazing fashion items. I’ll be keeping an eye out on what they are offering! Love the concept!

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