Episode 32

Wow, the Wisconsin hot tubs really bring out the best in us. In this episode, we extol the virtues of Bud Light Orange (?!), tips and tricks for mixing fabrics in projects, and trying new things. Enjoy our surround sound belly laughs!

Maranda was enjoying a fine Bud Light Orange.

If you’re interested in Pat’s latest invention, orange vanilla Coke + Captain Morgan = Creamsicle Dream. It is a lot of sugar in the tank.

If you’re in Waupaca, and you like a place that takes beer (but not themselves) seriously, we enjoyed H. H. Hinder Brewing Company, especially the I Pledge My Assets IPA. We also really loved New Glarus 2019 Flanders Sour. Might be hard to find, but if you do, definitely a treat for those who love fruity, non-sugary, sours.

Aislinn finally finished the knitting for the Baby’s First Principles blanket! Now for the month-long procrastination on finding fabric to put on the back…she’s also knitting the Overbury Mitts from PPQ’s remake of their first issue, and stitching the Sojourner Truth portrait from Feminist Icon Cross Stitch.

Maranda mentioned Folk Fibers, quilts by hand by Maura Grace Ambrose. For working with knits or any kind of difficult fabric, she highly recommends purchasing a walking foot.

Maranda celebrated Mother’s Day with all of her nurturing friends with a gua sha kit.

Aislinn’s gold star this episode goes to OLIO, an app for food sharing to reduce food waste. Free, easy, and good for the environment! If you’re wondering why food waste is bad for the environment, the case is made very clearly and concisely in the documentary Wasted.

Maranda gave her gold star to the Hoodoo Heritage Festival in Forestville, CA. She learned a ton from many wonderful teachers, and pushed herself out of her comfort zone. If you’ve been thinking about going, she highly recommends it!

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