Episode 33

Welcome back! We’re thrilled to share with you our favorite summer quaffs, our new projects for old friends, and more efforts at a plastic-free life. If menstruation conversation bothers you, feel free to skip from ~42:00 to the end of the podcast, haha!


Aislinn was drinking Big Grove Passion Project. Maranda was righting the ship with ginger kombucha from KeVita and following it up with Indeed Peach Bum IPA.

Aislinn is working on Shockwaves by Beata Jezek (shortened to 3 skeins instead of 4) in a combination of The Plucky Knitter Single (discontinued) in Mermaids and Gertie, and Madelinetosh Tosh Mo Light in Baudelaire. If you’re looking for a sub for Single, their newer Solo yarn has the same fiber content and structure. She is also finishing a time-traveling love letter: a feather-and-fan baby blanket (pattern handed down from Grandma from some unknown book of patterns) started by Grandma before she died, for a new baby cousin.

Maranda is working on another denim shirting baby blanket, and hemming jeans for our dad.

Gold stars went to Thinx Air hiphugger style (with a bonus point to Diva Cup for still hanging in there for over 10 years), and Maranda’s dear friend Bushra for making a lunar garland for Amanda, whom she does not know. Love abounds!

5 years ago

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