Episode 40

Join us for some self-soothing craft talk to help you weather the pandemic. Take care of yourself, do what you can to take care of others, and wash those hands!

Maranda is enjoying a J. Carver Bourbon and Vernors. Aislinn is belatedly celebrating International Women’s Day with a Big Grove/Domestic Violence Intervention Program Equalitea Party sour beer, and is enjoying it out of a stein made at a local ceramics event with Lion Bridge Brewing and Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio. She glazed it in a pseudo-Memphis style design.

Aislinn is, as usual, getting overambitious with her crafting plans. She just finished her Diesis sweater and has gone back to weaving the pieces for her Penny Cardigan. She will be starting a lacy gift scarf/shawl with Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton in 101 Spots; the pattern will be the openwork Vs pattern from 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft. She is also loving the idea of patching her jeans with some Mezame Designs Mending Bag patches.

Maranda is a little more cautious, planning to continue working on her friend’s toddler’s overalls and getting herself ready to work from home for the foreseeable future. More projects likely to come!

Gold stars were numerous this episode, including but not limited to: healthcare workers, those who do essential jobs (custodians, sanitation workers, bus drivers), those who wash their hands, and those who stay home if they have the privilege to do so. Everyone who stays home protects the lives of those don’t have the option to stay home. Support small makers and local makers during this time: order from them online/by phone or buy a gift certificate now to use later. Go ahead and buy some fancy soap and hand lotion; you’ll be needing it for a while! Thanks to the internet and mail service for keeping us connected with those we love in this time of social distancing.

4 years ago

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