Episode 41

…in which we enter the Twilight Zone of prolonged sheltering in place. Please comment here or on our IG about how you are all surviving in this most bizarre of times.

We’re all working at establishing our new routines, and learning to give ourselves grace and mercy while we try to take care of others and ourselves. We wish you all safety and security while we weather this storm. If you have the financial means to support others, please consider supporting your local food pantries, crisis centers, and small businesses. Those with the fewest resources are the hardest hit by this pandemic, and now is the time we all need to pitch in however we can. Even small financial donations can be stretched significantly by non-profits who can purchase tax-free and in bulk; no donation is too small.

Maranda is enjoying a Fulton Brewing Blood Orange Hard Seltzer. Aislinn should have known not to knock the hard seltzers before she tried them!

Aislinn is having the first beer in the Big Grove Coffee Shop Series: Coffee Oatmeal Stout. Contains lactose and delight.

Maranda is working on new routines, parenting her plants, and walking Toobee. Aislinn is doing small invisible mending projects and working up her courage to do some visible patching with her jeans. Aislinn hasn’t yet started making masks because her local small hospital got so many fabric masks when they put out the call, they stopped accepting them! But there are other places that need them, so check you local news or https://www.providence.org/lp/100m-masks to see the latest calls for masks. Maranda also pointed out that there are other sewing projects that can help including headbands with buttons to protect ears from friction when wearing masks for prolonged periods of time.

For a little lightness and sugar in your day, Aislinn gave her gold star to Christina Tosi‘s IGTV Baking Club, which airs daily at 2pm EST. So much fun to watch Tosi, chef and owner of Milk Bar, share her enthusiasm and creativity in making delicious treats. Maranda (and Aislinn, and our mom) is loving DJ Mel’s Saturday night Living Room Dance Party from 6-10pm CST. The music is so fun, and he supports charities each week (links embedded on the website above where you can also find the livestream). Dance, get your wiggles out, and feel connected while keeping our communities safe.

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