Episode 42

We’ll be adding show notes throughout the day, but for now, check out the Saturday Night Dance Party on Facebook Live with DJ Mel! 6-10pm CST.

Aislinn is having a cosmopolitan, which sadly was not as delightful as she had hoped. Maranda teaches us about the world of Bloody Maries (Marys?), and that in Minnesota, a beerback is called a “snit.”

Aislinn walked herself through setting up her mom’s sewing machine and is now making fabric masks for friends, family, and local orgs. Maranda is starting her indoor garden!

Gold stars went to Masterclass (currently a BOGO sale on annual memberships!), Creative Mornings, and people sharing solidarity and support with signs, street art, and public decorations. We really appreciate everyone who is working to keep up our spirits.

If you’ve got $, donate to your local food bank. People really need you to step up right now. Wash your hands, keep your distance, and look out for each other.

4 years ago

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