Episode 44

Helloo! We’re here again for your entertainment. 🙂

This week we toasted with cocktails. Maranda opted for a bourbon strawberry rhubarb lemonade made with Earl Giles pre-mixed cocktail mixer (which can also be enjoyed as a mocktail). Aislinn is considering ordering their piloncillo syrup; if you’ve never had piloncillo, it’s a delicious flavorful Mexican cane sugar that adds so much to coffee, tea, and other beverages. Aislinn toiled through the process of making a version of a whiskey sour, a Sicilian bitter almond sour, and wailed about the messiness of egg whites. Maranda suggested an immersion blender next time, which sounds like it might just work.

Maranda’s creative work lately has been focusing on clearing out her denim samples to allow them to live a little! There are so many ways that belongings languishing in our homes can be useful to others, so she’s hoping to bring a little treat to others who would enjoy them. Aislinn has been working on a wrap for a friend with WATG Shiny Happy Cotton in 101 Spots. She continues to work slowly on her granny stripe blanket and mending things.

Gold stars this week went to small businesses: Nooworks, Big Bud Press, Scarf Shop, WAAM Industries, and Revival. Shop small if you can! The money you spend in your community goes a long way to keeping it vibrant, even a few dollars here and there makes a really big difference in aggregate.

4 years ago

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