Episode 45

Happy Pride! We know this is being posted after the end of June, but it was recorded on the last day of Pride month, and really, why should Pride end at all? Join us for a discussion of our favorite summer beers (and rough summer drinking stories), ongoing craft challenges (read: life remains busy with social activism and like, work and stuff), and some TV recs when it’s too hot to be outside.

Aislinn is enjoying a pseudo-perfect Manhattan (wrong ratio, but right taste!) with Cedar Ridge Port Cask Finished Bourbon. Maranda is having the Pryes Brewing Royal Raspberry Sour. If you’re not interested in an alcoholic drink, Aislinn strongly recommends this tiki mocktail: 2 oz grapefruit juice, 1 oz lime juice, and orgeat to taste. Chef’s kiss.

Maranda is enjoying her work, focusing lately on Target’s Pride collection, and carving out daily time for social activism (Black Lives Matter, police defunding, grassroots organizing). Aislinn finished a wrap in WATG Shiny Happy Cotton and repairing Maranda’s Celestarium.

Gold stars this week: Aislinn highly recommends We’re Here on HBO (anyone will enjoy this) and UNHhhh on YouTube/World of Wonder (which is definitely adults-only). Maranda recommends that you pay content creators, particularly if they are Black and indigenous people teaching you with their posts online. If you’re on Instagram, try to find the original content creator and see if they have a Venmo/Cash app handle or linktree link where you can pay them for their work.

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