Episode 47

After a months-long hiatus to work on salvaging our country, we’re back! Happy Belated Birthday to Maranda! Apologies for the audio quality issues, we haven’t yet worked out the best recording system.

Maranda is drinking a Moscow mule with Cock and Bull ginger beer. Aislinn is drinking Double Nod from Big Grove Brewery. While expensive, the Yeti coozies work really well. Aislinn’s husband recommends Morning Recovery for preventing hangovers. Never did anything for Aislinn but it might work for you!

Aislinn has been doing a lot of visible mending and finally finished the Edie sweater tee by Michele Wang. She also just finished a heavily-modified version of the Overbury mitts from Pom Pom Quarterly by Lydia Gluck. Maranda finished embroidering a pendulum mat.

Aislinn’s gold star goes to Melbourne-based crochet artist chiliphilly. The newest KFC collab makes us so hungry! Maranda has lots of gold stars this time: the podcast Nice White Parents by the NYT/Serial, musician Tima Likes Music, and Black Forager Alexis Nikole.

3 years ago

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