Episode 48

Hello again! Look at us recording in a reasonable period of time. You probably shouldn’t get used to it. Tune in for a one-sided debate about the best coney dog in Detroit, a brief treatise about the UP, and the misnaming of freshwater seas as “Great Lakes.”

Aislinn is drinking a Pastorela cocktail made with Centenario aƱejo tequila, Earl Giles piloncillo syrup and Hey Honey from Backpocket. Maranda is having Grown Up Juice, also from Backpocket. We were both drinking things we had given each other, getting into the holiday spirit early! These were intentional gifts, but we do discuss the Midwestern etiquette of leaving behind the drinks you brought to the party.

Aislinn finished a garter ear flap hat from Purl Soho in Jade Sapphire Relux Lite in 07 gray. Maranda suggests that if you have wool clothes or accessories that are too tight, try wet blocking. The Knithole makes great hats but they are too small for our huge melons, so wet blocking to the rescue!

Aislinn is trying a method of repairing pottery that mimics kintsugi. She used J-B Kwik Weld and plans to cover it with Pebeo Gedeo gilding wax. Maranda threw down the gauntlet about shabby chic gilding everything, and then we went down a rabbit hole of explaining the longstanding feud between Lafayette Coney Island (the only coney worth your time) and American Coney Island (staffed by garbage people who serve garbage food to garbage people). We are, of course, totally unbiased in our love of Lafayette.

Maranda has been working on her Fall 2021 projects for work. She daydreams of the time she can dedicate a room in her home for wrapping gifts, which is her favorite part of gift giving. She is also thinking about using a friend’s CNC system to make some woodcrafts for gifts. As you might expect, we are focusing on makers and local curators, like Basic Goods, to ensure our money goes to people we want to support.

Aislinn’s gold star goes to her cat, Spalding, for managing to use a litter robot in such a way that it actually doesn’t reduce the workload of scooping a litter box. Good job, Spalding. You have managed to cultivate the spite of an animal five times your size.

Maranda’s gold star goes to Wear It Again Wool, a sustainable mitten company from Michigan.

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