Episode 51

Hello again! We recorded Feb 21 but didn’t get it uploaded until Feb 27 because work and life. Never forget: Ohio is garbage.

Aislinn is enjoying Hoof Hearted Hot Probs, a DDH pale ale, at a crushable 5.6%. Maranda is having a Fair State x Dekker collab Too Far Juice.

Maranda banged out 200 valentines this year!!! Mind = blown. Aislinn made a total of 3 valentines and it just about wiped her out. Maranda is now turning her considerable talents to making a (well-deserved) cat quilt for Grandpa, the greatest old soul. She is also trying her hand at ceramics and made a set of copitas for mezcal.

Aislinn is still working through the Hulanicki socks. She’s already most of the way through the second sock. Just starting the second sock is its own victory. The other pair of socks that she started two years ago are squinting angrily at her from the bottom of the knitting pile. She’s also still actively avoiding finishing the seams on her Penny Cardigan. To do that, she knit two garter ear flap hats from Purl Soho (one in Plucky Knitter Cozy DK and one in Jade Sapphire Relux Lite) and the Skull Coast Hat by Amanda Scheuzger in Indiecita Alpaca DK. Aislinn is also using the St. Burch Tavern Burch Box and their chef’s home cooking videos to learn some new recipes and cooking techniques!

Gold stars: normally a lover of the coziness of winter, Aislinn is super excited for the coming of Spring and the return of lazy outdoor activities with friends. In the meantime, she’s been enjoying Board Game Arena, an online way to play board games with friends. Maranda is loving people celebrating their COVID-19 vaccines and is really looking forward to getting her State Park Pass! Only $35 for the full year for Minnesota!

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